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3D Designs

If you have a good imagination, it’s probably easy for you to picture your ideal backyard with all the features you want, such as a fire pit surrounded by benches and an outdoor kitchen for summer parties. However, turning your ideas into reality can be a little tough if you have to rely on words to convey your vision, even for the best backyard builders. Today, we can utilize 3-D computer modeling software to help you plan your ideal outdoor living space.

How Does 3-D Design Work?
Our 3-D design software allows you to completely create a backyard paradise from the ground up. With simple mouse clicks and tool selections, you can redraw a patio, place a fire pit or create an outdoor kitchen. We start by recreating your existing backyard so that we can create a plan that will reflect the actual dimensions of your yard.


Who Can Use It?
3-D software can look a little intimidating. However, if you have even basic computer skills, you can use the software. We can help you learn how to manipulate the program so that you have a chance to try out your own design ideas. We can also be on hand to help you manage some of the trickier aspects of backyard design.

What Are the Benefits of 3-D Design?
With our 3-D design software, we can edit and adjust plans on the fly while you work with us. You don’t need to rely on extrapolations from 2-D drawings to visualize how your backyard will look after your project is completed. Instead, you’ll be able to look at realistic renderings that can be adjusted instantly.

Using 3-D software also enhances the accuracy of the designs for your outdoor living space. The final drawings for fabrication come directly from the software, ensuring that measurements are accurate and that everything will fit together. This saves you both time and money on the final project.


3-D designs are also excellent for outdoor areas that aren’t a simple square. A backyard with uneven elevation, for example, can be difficult to visualize on a flat piece of paper unless you’re intimately familiar with topographical maps. With a 3-D design, however, you can have a visualization that will intuitively reflect the final look of your project.

Finally, our software makes it easy for you to include your family in the decision-making process. You’ll be able to easily share your designs with others and ask them for any advice or ideas to incorporate into the designs. Involving your family in the process will make your new outdoor paradise a dream destination for everyone.

At American Backyard Concepts, we want to make your vision of an outdoor oasis a reality. Whether you just want to add an outdoor kitchen or completely revitalize your outdoor space, we can help you achieve your dreams. Contact us today so that we can help you get started with our 3-D software.

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